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Maintenance and Repairs

The Energy Performance of Building Directive (EPBD) require all Air Conditioning Systems to be regularly inspected and serviced by an accredited engineer.

It is important to maintain maximum performance of your Air Conditioning System to keep it functioning at its best. Regular service checks will prevent damage and breakdown of your equipment, prolong its life, improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions, and reduce those costly repair bills.

Regular maintenance our your system also keeps any manufaturers warranties validated and can identify any possible leaks of refrigerant gases.

Avoiding service checks, can have a negative impact on the your system and your pocket, not only will your system fail to function correctly and suddenly stop working, if the filters are not replaced or cleaned there is potential risk of the filters becoming a source of air pollution.

Filters are the most important task of maintaining your system to ensure the efficiency of you system. Whilst the filters are working and producing cleaner air they will become clogged over time. There is no specific time scale on when filters require replacing ths depends on the size of filter and how clean the air is . If filters are not replaced or cleaned the air flow will become restricted an your system will not perform at its maximum.

What we offer:

  • Experienced ad highly trained Engineers
  • System Cleaning
  • Refrigerant Gas Checks
  • Leakage Checks
  • Connection Checks
  • Air Flow Measurement
  • Labour Warranty
  • Maintenance Contracts