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Commercial Air Conditioning Services

Are you looking to improve productivity in your workplace, or to provide your employees and customers with a natural air whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

It is important to ensure a comfortable and constant level of temperature for all commercial buildings, not only for your staff but for the benefit of your customers too. With a fully integrated Air Conditioning system from H & M Air Conditioning this can be acheived. Air Conditioning can provide the ultimate climate control for any business including:

Retail Outlets, Hospitals, Offices, Schools, Warehouses, Fitness Centres and many more.

With todays technology in Air Conditioning systems, not only do you have a choice of stylish units, but its use of filters and ventilation properties, it produces cleaner air in your business.

There are many advantages to installing Air Conditioning into your workplace including:

  • Improved level of productivity within the workplace(with a constant level of temperature controlled by staff, they will be able to work in a comfortable heat therefore maintaining concentration).
  • Benefit from improved healths (due to the filters reducing the pollen and dust particles that circulate the air, this can also reduce sickness in the workplace).
  • Low Noise levels (As the condensers are located on the outside it keep noise level down, this aids concentration levels).
  • Reduced Security Risks (as windows will not need to be opened during summer months due to the cool function).

The installation of our systems will be carried out by specialist engineers who are highly skilled and experienced.

Our service includes:

  • Free thorough surveys/quotations
  • Inspection of premises to identify any hidden problems from the outset
  • Identify the purpose
  • Choice of designs to compliment the decor and building
  • Discuss best options available to our customer based on their business requirements
  • After sales Service/Maintenance Contracts
  • Friendly/Professional/Experienced/Trained Workforce
  • Warranties

Style your Business

The new Q9000 is a stylish and powerful air conditioning unit ideal for your home, or retail outlet, leisure suite and prestige offices. Boasting three fans it provides fast, flexible and comfortable cooling. This unit is built with an energy saving Smart Inverter Compressor which can help to lower your energy bills, it also has a built in humidifier 7 air flow settings, plus many more features to improve your environment you live in.

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